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Poirot provides us with a challenge, in which we will have to discover who is hidden behind this magic artefact, from seven clues that it will offer us. Agatha Christie: Evil Under the Sun has an interesting story and will test our deductive power. With graphics that are worthwhile, we will take the role of the detective, and every detail will be important. It will also be of vital importance to question the different characters that we encounter, to obtain important information.

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Start Membership. The grassy path in front of the hotel was the highest point then. Go to the bottom screen and take an old corned beef sandwich from the table. Go back by the door and talk to Barry about Baskerville, the Great Dane. See how Baskerville is trained. Ah, he doesn’t want to enter the store. Enter the store and automatically place the sandwich on the floor.

Watch Baskerville and Chloe interact. Store :. Post Office – Click on the mail behind the mail cabinet twice. Pick up the missing mails. Give the missing mails to Adelaide.

When asked for a choice – Ask to use the testing equipment. Chemist : Click on the book behind Adelaide. Place the tablets taken from Lane’s medicine cabinet in a test tube. Take the test tube with tablets and click it on the ‘drugs’ word in the Table of Contents of the opened book.

Automatically, the test is done by Poirot. It is Trional. Police station – Home Guard: Go down and to the end of the road. Enter the door by the fountain. Talk to Colonel Weston about everything. Typewriter – After talk about Arlena, test the typewriter. Answer ‘Was it Linda Marshall’ to the question.

Talk to Colonel Weston about Mrs. Castle and the 2 murder cases. The answer after reading the report of the Milly Parson’s case:. The film and the time 3rd. Then the title of the movie. Exit the village and go back to the garage. Jenk’s Garage: Go inside the garage and talk to Will. Will wants Barry’s points cleaned. Clean the car’s engine points.

Read the magazine in inventory and learn automatically how to clean points. Go to the work bench and take the screwdriver , spanner wrench and flat file. Spanner-Wrench – Poirot gets stabbed by a magnetic fragment when he picked up the spanner-wrench.

In inventory, look close at spanner-wrench. Automatically a magnetic fragment is in inventory. Go to Barry’s car at left. See the engine of the car. Open the distributor cap – the big middle pan at center. Look close and see the ignition system. Use the spanner on the bolt holding one contact point at bottom of the system. This gets the dull point. Use the screwdriver on the screw holding the other contact point close to center. This gets the other dull point. In inventory, use the flat file on one dull point to get shiny point.

Do the other dull point. Well done, old man! Exit the garage and meet Will. Go back to Seadrift Island. Seadrift Island:. Original high point of the Island: Go back to hotel. Go to path going to the cliff side. The Gardeners are close by. Dig, Poirot, dig. The treasure is found at side of the hotel where the spiral stairs are located and on the path going to Rocky beach. Smuggler’s Inn Pub: Go down the road and enter the pub. Go down the cellar and look close at the dart target on the brick wall.

Place the gold darts in the 3 holes under the top 20, thus getting a ton-eighty. Enter the tunnel and look at the footprints on the ground. Go forward until the intersection. Poirot refuses to go ahead. Exit the tunnel and then the pub. Rocky beach: Take the path on the right side of the hotel. Go forward and talk to Emily Brewster. Something was thrown at her.

Gardeners : Talk to the Gardeners at the lounge chair area close to the wall in front of the hotel. Patrick Redfern is not in a good mood. Sanctuary Cove : Go to Sanctuary Cove. Talk to Christine Redfern sitting on the deck. Talk to her again and see that she too is not in a good mood. Look at the sketch of North in inventory. Kenneth Marshall: Go back to the hotel and up to the rooms.

Check the inner door of Kenneth Marshall’s room. Use the stethoscope on the door and hear typing. Landing : Use the phone to call for the sea tractor. Police – Home Guard: Go down and to the end of the road.

Talk to Colonel Weston about North’s sketch. Automatically, be back at the side of the hotel on the path going to Rocky beach. Hear the pipes on the wall making gurgling noise. Somebody is having a bath. Act 5. Poirot shows the map that will point where the suspects were last seen. It will be updated as the suspects are questioned. Finger of Suspicion – The fifth clue is Magnet. August 25, Late Morning. Hotel office : Exit Poirot’s room. Go down to the office behind the reception counter. Talk to Hilary Castle.

Find out that Arlena has been murdered. The police have been here for an hour. Exit the office and go to the hotel foyer. Hotel foyer : See and try to talk to Gladys. Go outside and take the path going to the cliff side and beaches.

See the Gardeners by the lounge chairs. Carrie is too distraught to talk. Bathing beach : Go down to the Bathing beach and close to the water’s edge. Talk to Emily. She will row Poirot to Cutter’s Cove. Cutter’s Cove:. Colonel Weston : Talk to Colonel Weston. Poirot will lead the investigation. The time of the murder was somewhere between a quarter to eleven and twenty of twelve. The cause of death was strangulation. Pick up the coffee flask. Click on her and Poirot states that she died of strangulation by a very strong pair of hands.

Look at the coffee spill on the sand. Look at the hat’s ribbon. Patrick Redfern: Talk to Patrick. He remembered hearing a clatter from rocks near the ladder. Rocks by ladder: Go towards the ladder. Pick up a broken pipe on the sand.

Cave : Go to the right of the ladder. Go inside the cave. Look close and use spatula or tennis ball or brush to remove the clay covering a 6 side metal receptacle used to hold a mast winch handle. Thanks, Lee!

Arlena’s body: Go back to Arlena. Look at the ribbon on Arlena’s hat. Use scissors on ribbon to get cut piece of fabric. Emily Brewster: Talk to Emily. She corroborated the rowing time and incident. They turned to the cove at and arrived at the cove at Now that everything is investigated, talk to her again. Poirot asks to be rowed back to Bathing beach. Gardener’s : Climb up the ladder and go to the Gardener’s at the lounge chair patio.

Talk to Gardeners. Check the time line. He left Carrie around 11 to get the thread and was gone for 15 or 20 minutes. Hilary Castle: Go to the reception desk inside the hotel. Talk to Hilary. She gives the hotel’s master key. She was making sure that the dining room was cleared after quarter to eleven until noon. The only request for coffee flask was by Lane going hiking and Arlena. They are put out no later than half past nine.

If you did not get a floor plan of the hotel earlier in her office, ask her for one now. Hotel Rooms: Climb upstairs and open the door. No need to use key. Arlena’s room : Enter the first door on the left side of the inner balcony and look around.

Read it in documents. Bathroom – Go to the bathroom left of the bed. Open the cabinet above the toilet. Go to the left and take the bath salt bottle. Poirot cannot open the bottle. Take the hairbrush from the table on the right. Exit the room. Kenneth Marshall’s room: Enter the next room. A shadow is seen in the balcony. Talk to Kenneth. From twenty to eleven until twelve, he was in his room.

Barkett and Applegood are Arlena’s solicitors. Linda Marshall’s room: Enter the next door on the left. See a box on the dresser with zodiac signs in rings lock. Look close at the hat on the bed. Rosamund Darnley’s room: Go to the next room.

Go to bottom screen and talk to Rosamund. She is a childhood friend of Kenneth Marshall. She was at the Ledges from 25 past ten to ten minutes to twelve. At around eleven, she went back to the hotel to get her sun hat. On the choice of favors to ask, select to compare some pieces of fabric. The cut piece from Arlena’s hat is fine silk. The torn one from the rock is rayon and inexpertly dyed. The burnt piece from the fireplace is from the same rayon as the torn fabric.

The Redfern’s room: Enter the last room on the left hallway. Open the suitcase on the dresser. Go to bottom screen and check the bag on the floor beside the table – sketching supplies. Go outside to the balcony and talk to Christine Redfern. She was at Sanctuary Cove at half past ten and left at quarter to twelve. She was playing tennis at twelve. Go back inside through the door at the other end of the balcony.

Emily Brewster’s room: Enter the room that is first on the right side of the balcony. The Gardener’s room : Enter the next room.

Look in the trash can right of the dresser. Letter of regret puzzle : Take the pieces of paper and put them together. Click on a piece and then click on the other piece that you want to replace. Horace Blatt’s room: Enter the next room.

Open the suitcase on top of the bed. Take clothes off and see an oily spot. Gladys Narracot : See Gladys at the balcony. Talk to Gladys. If you have not checked Montague Barry’s and Stephen Lane’s rooms earlier, do so. Tennis Court: See George Strumm rake the tennis court. Wonder why he’s doing that? Linda Marshall: Go to Sanctuary Cove. Talk to Linda. She got Trional prescription earlier. George Strumm – Go to Bathing beach.

Talk to George. Ask him to dive down and get what was thrown to Emily at the Rocky bath. He needs liquid courage. Liquid Courage:. Talk to Henry Bailey, the bartender. Order Planters Punch, George’s favorite. They run out of rum and grenadine. Poirot gives the cough syrup taken from the chemist. Look at the bottle of cough syrup in inventory and see that it is made from pomegranate.

In inventory, combine the cough syrup with the empty bottle of grenadine taken earlier from the trash can by the door of the bar to get a full bottle of grenadine.

Go to Smuggler’s Inn Pub. Go down the cellar. Use the glass taken from the Dining room on the tap of the barrel left of the opened secret brick wall to get a glass of rum.

Go back to the hotel’s bar. Give the glass of rum and full bottle of grenadine to Henry to get Planters Punch. Go back to the bathing beach. See George dive in Rocky beach twice. Landing : Go to the Landing. Use the phone to call the sea tractor. Will’s Garage:. Talk to Will. Lane came across at about eight. Barry took his car before Blatt came not too long ago.

Learn about North’s movements. Poirot asks about a handle for a sail winch. Store : Talk to Adelaide. Barry needed a private phone. Linda filled a prescription just a little while ago. Empty bottle – Click empty bottle on test tube. Click filled test tube on cosmetics on book. It contained artificial suntan. Arlena’s coffee flask – Click coffee flask on test tube. Click filled test tube on drugs on book. It contained trional, a sedative. Blatt’s oil sample: Click oil sample on test tube.

Click filled test tube on oil and waxes on book. It came from oil used to protect a gun. Smashed bottle from cave – Click smashed bottle on test tube. It is perfume. Unmarked bottle from Arlena’s bathroom – Click unmarked bottle on test tube. It contained hair coloring. Chicken feathers – Click chicken feathers on test tube. Click filled test tube on blood on book. The blood came from a chicken.

Stick pin from Linda’s hat – Click stick pin on test tube. It contained candle wax. See that the hairs are similar. Post Office :. Monk’s Head Pub:. Horace Blatt : Talk to Blatt at lower screen. He was out from about nine until after one. He said he lost his life ring buoy during a storm. Play dart to win life ring buoy : Go to the dart buoy. Click on board and play for the Life Ring Buoy.

Automatically, do the dart game and win. The life buoy is in inventory. Give life ring buoy to Blatt. When asked for favor, borrow his compass. Hastings and Poirot discuss the possibility of a woman strangler. The women in the island should be put to a test.

Read the report in documents later. Will’s Garage: Go back to Will and then go back to the island. Gladys Narracot: Find Gladys at hotel balcony by the rooms. Talk to Gladys to help with the test to determine if any woman has the strength to strangle.

Hahahahah Phobia! Use the baths salt bottle or the boat varnish bottle for the test. Select Miss Brewster on the list. Walk around a bit and then go back outside Poirot’s room.

I go outside the left balcony exit by the spiral stairs , down the stairs, to the Rocky beach and back to inner balcony by Poirot’s room. She tested all the women in the island. Emily Brewster opened the jar easily. Act 6. Poirot discusses the mystery. Select each of the choices and Poirot will explain.

Listen well to what Poirot says. Eliminate the other suspects. Finger of Suspicion – The sixth clue is Telephone. August 25, Afternoon. Hotel Office : Go to the hotel office behind the reception desk.

Look close at safe. Use the safe key to open safe. See that the signal lantern is gone. Gladys Narracot: Go back to the second floor inner balcony. Talk to Gladys cleaning close to Kenneth Marshall’s room. She saw Kenneth Marshall during the time he stated to be in the hotel. The Linda Marshall’s fireplace was clean when she cleaned the room this morning. She also heard someone take a bath around noon. Kenneth Marshall’s room: Enter the room. Take the papers left of the typewriter on the desk.

Horace Blatt’s room: Go across the balcony and enter Blatt’s room. Check the suitcase and take the clothes on the right. See and take a revolver. Blatt comes in and the revolver is returned. Patrick Redfern: Go down to the foyer and enter the hotel bar. Talk to Patrick about everything. Learn about Jimmy Nash. Henry Bailey : Talk to Henry. Meet Stephen Lane.

Talk to this sick man. Call the Sea tractor. Phobia talk! Montague Barry: Talk to Barry. Store : Enter the store and go to the Post Office. Arlena took out ten thousand pounds last week. Police Station: Go forward to the end of the road and enter the police station. Talk to Col. Look close to open the packet in inventory.

Get 4 index cards. Read Miss Porter’s letter in documents.



Agatha christie evil under the sun pc game download. Agatha Christie: Evil Under the Sun PC Download Full Version

This game became the third in the franchise about the detective Hercule Poirot. Привожу ссылку Functional Always active The technical storage or access is strictly necessary for the legitimate purpose of enabling the use of a specific service explicitly requested chrishie the subscriber or user, or for the sole purpose of carrying out the transmission of a communication over an electronic communications network. Screenshots needed.


– Agatha Christie: Evil Under the Sun – Old Games Download

Jan 29,  · Agatha Christie: Evil Under the Sun – game update patch #1 – Download Game update (patch) to Agatha Christie: Evil Under the Sun, a(n) adventure game, patch #1, added on Tuesday, January 29, file type Game update. file size MB. downloads (last 7 days) 1 last update Tuesday, January 29, Oct 16,  · The game itself is a joy to play for all mystery fans (I myself have played nearly all of the Nancy Drew games, and I think other ND fans will enjoy this game. [Keep in mind, however, Evil under the Sun is rated T, and there are some violent/mildly graphic scenes that could be inappropriate for younger players.])/5(71). Jan 29,  · Agatha Christie: Evil Under the Sun – game update patch #1 – Download Game update (patch) to Agatha Christie: Evil Under the Sun, a(n) adventure game, patch #1, added on Tuesday, January 29, file type Game update. file size MB. downloads (last 7 days) 1 last update Tuesday, January 29,

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