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Flashback™ on – A very fun platformer

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Flashback is re-imagined by its creators! 20 years after the original game’s launch, Conrad is enlisted back to active service for the triumphant return of. Flashback, released as Flashback: The Quest for Identity in the United States, is a science fiction cinematic platform game developed by Delphine. FLASHBACK™, the hit action-adventure game with over million units sold, is back!


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– Flashback 2 – Microids


Log In Sign Up. What do you need help on? Cancel X. Would you recommend this Guide? Yes No Hide. Send Skip Hide. Message Sent. Guide and Walkthrough PC by unboundbraniac Version: 1. It is not allowed to be posted elsewhere. Posting this guide elsewhere is a violation of these terms. No editing this guide for posting else were is allowed. If you received a response from me in your inquries of hosting elsewhere, that does not violate these terms. This may be not be reproduced under any circumstances except for personal, private use.

It may not be placed on any web site or otherwise distributed publicly without advance written permission. Use of this guide on any other web site or as a part of any public display is strictly prohibited, and a violation of copyright. An agent wipes his memories, and has to get them back? Why and what? Find out, as I guide you through it! Do not drop down the right as it’s too far a drop. Once you land on a wooden bridge, head left to get the gun. Use your mouse to aim at the platform above to shoot a Morph Eye, and then head up towards what looks like wooden planks blocking your way, and shoot it.

Proceed and you’ll run into the Holocube. After the cut scene, head up and then right for some action, shoot the floating drone and then drop one platform below, and shoot below the platform the drone was hovering over for another Morph Eye. Drop further down, and once you open the barrier, shoot the drone, then you can refill some health across this platform or drop down to continue.

There will be a drone in front of you before you drop onto the bridge, and another drone behind the barrier, shoot the one in front, walk further right to open the barrier and then shoot that drone. Head further down then left for a new weapon just an upgrade actually , and during the sequence, you’ll see another Morph Eye, shoot that and follow the objective follow the pipes.

Shoot that boulder in the sequence with a charged shot, and then proceed up and over towards the right, shooting drones as you go. You’ll then see a panel to read, and simply run and jump Space to get over the traps. Head up and left to walk through the activation lasers, and head further up and then right, keep an eye on the drones. For the guy that’s asking for help, shoot the area above his head to cut his straps.

So keep in mind he’s looking for his teleporter, then follow your main objective to shoot the ducts that you saw in the sequence, crouch C to shoot the first duct, then head back to where the magnetic bridge is and shoot that second duct.

Before you cross the bridge, there are 3 drones waiting for you, so get your gun ready while crossing. To get Bolton’s teleporter, it’s further left and up! Once you see Bolton’s teleporter, to get it you need to drop down from where the info panel is, drop the red fruit onto the blue scanner on the floor to activate the lift, grab the teleporter and then look up to shoot a morph eye, head right, drop down to go back to Bolton, there are some drones along the way.

After you give Bolton his teleporter, get the thing he was sitting on and then proceed back to the magnetic bridge. Go further left until you get to that trap on the floor with a barrier door behind it.

Go over this barrier door, and leap left and down. Go further down until you see a different kind of barrier door, this is where you use that thing bolton was sitting on ID.

Go down one platform, and leap to the left and drop down-left to avoid dropping to your death. Now I forgot to mention, but you had picked up the molecular glasses earlier, press Q to see the morph eye and shoot it.

Then drop left again and shoot the thing in the sequence with a charged shot. Head further right until you meet Joe, who wants 7 red fruits from you. From where he is, take the elevator up, shoot the bad guy, and head up from there for a fruit, drop down one platform and from the elevator, jump up, shoot the Morph Eye and then head right for more fruits there’s another bad guy and that turret we shot earlier with a charge shot.

Once you get the fruits, head back to Joe to trade. On the way back using the horizontal lift, there’s a morph eye on the ceiling, if you got good shooting skills while moving, try to shoot it. Heading back left should be one more drone, shoot it then look up for another morph eye.

The leap up onto the upper platform, and leap up once more and use your molecular Q to manuever through, and when you can hear Ian talking, charge shot the wall in front of you and then keep shooting at the bad guy.

So in this VR area, you can try the drone challenge, or back to the story. Leaving the VR, head left to go to America Station, which is a train ride away press E inside the train, and use your mouse to select America Station.

Once there, head left and as far up as the lift can go, then head right and look up to shoot a drone, then leap up and left for the Flash thing keep an eye on morph eyes. Well apparently he doesn’t know, so head to Africa Station. That is down the lift you came from and back to the metro rail. Once you exit the train, head left then up the lift, then right and up the lift and then left.

Talk to the guy behind the counter. Apparently he doesn’t handle it lol so go left up the lift and talk to the farthest right guy. Head right into the office and then now it’s time for work. Off to Europa Station back at the trains lol. Once at Europa Station, head left to the lift and up up to the top, then head left there’s a VR access here. There’s a drone up above the lift here, so shoot it. Once up, go to a console the one with a Metal Gear!

Once you get this package, there will be enemies along your path to Africa Station, so keep on your toes. At Africa station, drop the parcel at the top floor farthest right. After you deliver the package, you get a Memory Flash, a cut scene, and then a new job right after. It’s just one floor down from here, head right to the restricted area. Guess who? Lol, don’t just drop down, Bolton doesn’t know how to use the lift, you have to press S down to bring the elevator down.

When you head right until a barrier door, head up and on the upper left is a glasses upgrade, and there will be more drones here so keep your trigger finger itchy 😛 from the glasses upgrade, you have to do a running jump to the right, and trigger the door release. Keep an eye on that turret, and drop behind its view to proceed your way.

When you go down this lift, there’s a shielded enemy on one of the platforms, shoot till his shield goes down then a charge shot will do him in nicely. There is a morph eye above these barrier doors, way up top, so shoot it. Now head further left, and keep on eye out for another shielded enemy, then there will be mines here, 2 of them, a running leap passes it nicely, though shooting them is simplest ; at the top of the furthest left area is the door release thing, so walk through it then back to Bolton.

Head down the lift and it’s job complete! Head back down to that teleporter, and this job is time limited. Like 1 minute 30 seconds! Once teleported, leap up then head all the way right, avoiding electric cables, drones and floor traps. Once you reach the far right, the platform below should slide away, and then it’s down and further left, shooting and jumping. Don’t forget the morph eye on the way, and when you drop down to floor gratings, and they don’t break, shoot them to break them.

Head further right, more electric wires and a huge pit, run leap it to cross, and then when you reach an elevator, you have a choice to either go down or shoot the morph eye above the lift if you have time, then go down the lift, once down there’s a morph eye on the upper left side of the lift, and more drones. Make a run right for the repair, and insert the motherboard. Job done! At America Station, go to the Starlight Cafe, and show the picture to a dude standing beside the counter.

Oh, gotta head back down to area four second floor of America Station. Once you talk to the terminator lol , back to the cafe! There’s that shielded enemy when you get to the cafe, so keep your trigger finger sweaty. Talk to the guy further left. Oh great, you have to terminate him lol. Once you do he’ll poop a key, so grab it ew then back to the cafe! How many times have we gone back and forth?

I think I’ll have to find some Memory Flash modules to remember So when you drop down, it’s funny, I was just hanging near the drop point and the guy comes running towards spouting some trite. Just a few shots did him in lol, and it’s job complete! So head to the restricted area 3 of America Station, that right, down the main lift once, and right again. There will be a bad guy down one platform, and grenades. Down the next platform is a turret, so watch out for that.

Below that turret on another platform is a shielded guy, and down one more platform is towards the objective. At this part with the yellow pillars, is a morph eye on the ceiling, so shoot it. HEad further left to unlock the first slot on the floor, and drop down. Walk to the switch to open the second floor panel. At that part is a ceiling mine, so use your glasses to see it and do with it as you see fit.

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